Sunday, September 12, 2004

Some mild rambling on life

I am very excited...Fall...the best season of them finally hear!
I know most people like the summer but I am a sucker for foliage on Up-State NY hills, The mild temperatures,the easy attitude folks have, seasonal foods etc. It's just great! It has some nice spiritual conotations to it as well. All of our lives have seasons and many times our dreams that have been realized or the hope of dreams yet to be realized...have to die...only to be reborn at a later time. But never exactly the same as before. We get busy with all of lifes details and the stress builds and builds. We experience the Joy of seeing plans or desires come to fruition and we don't mind investing the energy it takes to keep the ball rolling. But everything has a maximum point of growth.
The maple leaf...depending on the circumstances it is placed it, can only grow so large. After that...the tree cuts of chrorophyll (the plants life blood, and the stuff that makes leaf green)by growing a thin layer between the leaves stem and the branch...not only that ...this layer weakens the leaves hold to the branch allowing it to fall easily in the wind. The colors we see in the foliage are the leaves true colors...they were there all along. Strange that the more impressive colors, the leaves true colors, are only visable at the end of it's life cycle...yet they were there all the time....Man looks at the outward apperance, but God looks at the heart. He sees our tue colors even though we might not be able to becuase of the clutter of life.
We all have seasons in our life and I believe that the fall season in life is meant to simplify, to bring to a close some areas weve been burdend with maintaining, to(sorry for the cliche) let go and let God. It's at this time...when we(as Christians) let go...and allow the Spirit to strip away the layers of calouses, un-necessary responsabilities and worries, and we Relax in Him. Have confidence in Him.
He knows our growth potential in the circumstances where He has placed us. And he will give you signs that He is bringing certain things to a close. As he does all the colors you have gained over that time will become evident...a testament to God's beauty developed within you through those circumstances. Take heart this fall season...Because He who has begun a good work IN you...will be faithful to complete it.
God Bless