Friday, July 29, 2005

I tasted a Ruwandan today

In a cupping today I finally got to try one of many Ruwandan coffees. The cup was extremely smooth with a fruity side note that did no settle down really...not very heavy...rather etherial. he shot however was EXACTLY like milk chocolate...very weird...and right at the end it settled into an unmistakable strawberry on the sides of the tongue.
It was good to try something with such a straight forward profile rather than a cup that is multi-dimensional. Sometimes all that dimension and expanding depth gets a entire orchestra playing non-stop for hours and turns into a bit of white noise. This was like a single guitar hitting the strings slowly each time with care and purpose...a welcome change of pace for my palate.
I think this is why I am a fan of having SOS shots on tap at an espresso bar...they satisfy the minimalist in all of us.