Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I promise...

Hello cats and kittens,
Much is a foot...hmmmm.....anyway. Alot has been going on that at the moment I cannot elaborate on. But I can give you a pre-view for the soon to be released feature presentation.
  • New Extreme Latte Art video recently shot in Portland with Bellisimo Coffee Info group to be released in January 05. The best latter art vid. to date staring Baristi from around the country including myself. Hold on to your hats and hide your children.
  • My second Latte Art competition after winning this past April in D.C. ends in a second place victory/ 2 points! But I am very happy with the design that I presented
  • Along drive down to North Carolina to Counter Culture Coffee to be a volunteer Latte Art instructer for the day...last weekend. Awesome.
  • I will be an instructor at Coffee Fest Chicago teaching latte art to the masses...would you like to share that with the whole class?
  • Thanksgiving, the state of espresso in the north east, my late obsession with spy thrillers and street fight movies (I might be living vicariously through film...look out punks), and of course my relationship with the Lord...foundations, and steady grace for the season.

(is it me or did that sound weird following my mention of movies featuring VanDame?...yes I said Van Dame...thats for you Nick)