Friday, January 26, 2007

Busy and full of excuses

Yes I am! I have a hankerin to post more but I am considering a wordpress format. I really Like the style.
But what good is decorating your house if you don't really live there?
So I am faced now with the question of, "How much time do I really want to spend on-line?" the answer is...Not alot.
I find life to be sweeter as a participant rather than a pundit.
I am training two new Baristi at the cafe, we are renovating the upstairs after 2 years of mantaining it s a massive storage space, I am accepting more free lance training jobs, I am more of a health nut now, and I have a myspace page to attend to. Here \On top of other coutless trivial everyday things that consume my time.
And then there is my pursuit of more intimacy in the Lord. He cannot be secondary to career, relationships, anything. I must alway delight in the Lord. What I have in this life is a gift. Far be it from me to not worship the giver.
So, yes, I am at a crossroads.
I believe I will keep blogging.
But just know that life is more than coffee, more than work, more than you...
Life is, and is only found in Christ.