Tuesday, March 01, 2005 faced

Hey all.
Well, I should offer an apology to those of you who read my last post regarding Intelligentsia.(rather than leaving it up...I have deleted it.) It was pretty unfair of me to project my little mood swing onto a public space like this...and mis-represent Intelligentsia in the process. I acted like I DESERVED something more than what I got...which is not true...I, in fact, got way more than I desrved. As an imperfect human I feel blessed for all the good things that have come my way this past weekend. Good fellowship, great coffee, and lots of fun.(the money was helpful as well...can you say-Bills-) :-)
I have much respect for those guys and for them to show up and be as involved as they were not only in the competition but during the ENTIRE event of Coffee Fest...the Party was killer and the folks I met were nothing but friendly. It really is a testament to how passionate they are about coffee and the coffee community. We need more groups like them who are willing to serve the Barista's and retailers etc. the way they have.
So I do apologize with a bit of a red face...nobody likes a poor me attitude..nobody...including me.
Ahhh resolve.
I would completely understand if, when I finally get to Intelligentsia...they switch my shot Black Cat with foldger decaf crystals in retribution...;-)
-Chris Deferio