Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Get ready...

Whew...well...Doug Zell, Amber Sather, Ellie Hudson, Jay, Rosetta twins (Schaads)Intelly crew in general. I hope you have forgiven my lapse in judgment. I value your friendship and fellowship.

Here I sit at the Carriage house Cafe organizing my thoughts for the USBC....I'll be going into practice tonight and every night till I leave. Looking for some sort of carry-on that I can use to have my breakable gear by my side...I don't trust the air port or this case Brown can't do anything for me.
This last weekend not only did I compete in the Latte Art competition but I taught latte art classes. I had 5 classes total throughout the weekend six people in each class for a two hour time slot. A lot of work! I barely ever made it to the show floor...but it was a blast. I love to see people "get it". The more we understand our craft...the easier it is for us to give it. Most folks wether they had before or not, poured a Rosetta at the end of the class. Some were better than others but every time...when they finished and saw a leaf in their cup...they were floored. I'm glad that lots of people are interested in latte art. It shows that they want to add something "Extra" to their drinks. It is a good sign. The new girl at gimme! it fast...and she is pumped about espresso.
I am seriously looking forward to doing some driving around the North East spreading the word about the BGA and organizing a Jam etc. Since I am the only one on the Ballot for the North East...I am starting to plan out the strategy now.
I guess I need to get started practicing.
Much love and coffee.