East Coast Barista

Saturday, February 19, 2005

hey...I'm still alive. USBC, Latte art DVD, Latte Art competition, Moving, and training.Whew.

Hey everybody.
As I write this I am just getting over a cold and have not been practicing as much because of it....well that ends today...I will run through my program about ten times tonight to reach my goal of 100 times by USBC time. This seems to be harder than I thoght but then, this USBC thing is harder than I thought. I want to go into it knowing that I stand just as good a chance at winning as any other person.
I fell flat on my face in the SERBC and learned a good prepared! I was disqualified for going over time by 7 min!...ouch...not only that I did have time to calibrate my grind in the prep time and I broke one of my signature drink glasses. Over all I sucked. But I joked a bit through the whole thing. My total score...even withall the disasters...I would have placed in the finals..encouraging and discouraging all at once....
I was looking over the Rankings of the regionals and see that as they get further from the Pacific North West the top scores get lower by an average of about 80 points.
This, to me, indicates that it is a game of education and familiarity with the process. The folks in Seattle have been at it for a while and are more seasoned...less likely to upset the judges because they either have been judged by someone before...or their boss is one of the judges. Sort of sets the rest of us at a handicap right off the bat...but......
Because of that handicap...we(the non-North Westerners) have to work twice as hard to rech a level that rivals or even passes that of the average Seatllite Barista Competitor. In the end...I believe the strongest competitors will come from areas outside of the hotbeds we recognize as espresso havens. They will be the strongest because they have less initial support and are forced into being streetwise.
Well...anyway. Many a late night is still to come and, Lord willing, I will do well.

I am going to Chicago next weekend to Teach Latte Art and compete. I hope to win. I need the money bad :-)
I am really excited about the trip cause it will be my first official teaching job...I am being paid and flown out for it....and I really enjoy seeing people reach a point of breakthrough with espresso and Latte art. In 3 hours they will all make latte art and have good info to do so later...with consistancy.
I also get to do a cupping with some new friends at Inteligentsia.
I have been into reading about Charlie Trotter lately....some would say he is the David Schomer of the Culinary world. Totaly insane and driven toward excellence in his craft. A true inspiration. May be if I can swing it I can lay dow $500 for dinner one night......yeah.

Also in Chicago...Bellisimo Coffee Info group will release the DVD "Advanced Barista Training...Extreme Pours" . A video we worked on last year and is fresh off the press.
It is HOT!...
Billy Wison of the Albine Press in Portland, Matt Miletto of Bellisimo, Austin Gregory of Bellisimo, and Myself show you what you have wanted to see from a Latte Art video but have not been able pours....lots of em. Along with slow mo of all the pours. It is truely the BEST latte art video out right now.

Along with all that is going on now I have to move in March and am in the midst of training up 3 new Baristi....And soon 4 more. whew.
These are the days where I truely need the Grace of God to keep my eyes on what is important. Him and His kingdom...I hope to be a good and faithful servant of His in this industry and in my life. The Bible says....."whatever you it heartily, as unto the Lord."
All this is for His glory.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
God Bless you...and remember that God is actively calling all humanity to Himself a relationship with Him that is one of love and peace....made possible through the sacrife of Jesus who after dying as a final sacrifice for our sins (which seperate us fro God)...rose from the dead and is alive now....calling you....stop running away from life and truth...Life and truth is Jesus. Follow Him.
-Chris Deferio