East Coast Barista

Monday, May 08, 2006


see...I did's as simple as that.
To help my self post I will outline the main items which I should recap from the past few months.
winter in NY
Life at the Carriage House.
R.I.P. latte art focus
competative comradery
Espresso menus...Carriage house style
Bow Hunting(not really)

And probably some other stuff as well. So as I prepare for the next post please enjoy a couple pics for your eye balling pleasure.

Heather, Phong, and myself took part in Charlotte Shout culinary art event last September. Good times...these are some screen shots from our booth where we wowed the audience with of coffee.


To use a word that is starting alot of Baristas posts these days....Wow! I really have been busy bit no blogging since November 05 ? Ridiculous. Just plain bad. Oh well.
I know that youu are probebly here reading this thinking " that I'm out of wheat thins and baco bit what willI feed my face with tonight?" and "look, a puppy, I wish I could get one but it's so much work...and what about poop? There will be alot of that and barking too...can't forget barking. And HAIR! Dear glory the HAIR! I can't handle this!"
or you just may be thinking..."yeah right He won't blog beyond this post." Well you'd be wrong