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Monday, June 13, 2005

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Been a while since I posted and with some good reason...I just needed to gain some perspective. Not just on coffee but on but on life as it gets a bit more complicated each year. Lots of opportunities to stay busy but at what expense? At a cetain point you have to step outside your circumstance and I too busy to enjoy the blessings of today? If you answer yes then it is time to be still. Be still and know that He is God....(Psalm 46:10) This verse means more than just stopping for a breather but it means we are to lets something go....lay it aside or let die off for the sake of the ultimate importance and God. He Yahweh, Jesus. And we are graced by Him everyday with life and an opportunity to know Him in a deeper and deeper way.

If you are not a Christian (one who has been born- over again into newness of life in Jesus because of His final sacrifice for the sin debt we owed God) then that is the first step....Repent and turn to Him. If you are... then it is simply a matter of day to day intimacy and humbling ourselves before Him as our Lord and true companion. It was for fellowship and relationship with God that man was created. The nagging need or hole those who don't have Christ feel is the seperation from God as a result of sins rule in them...from Adam on to today. Thats why Jesus draw all into the kingdom through His sacrifice and resurection....we have fellowsip with our Father God. But only through Jesus is this possible. I would callenge those wo read this to ask the Lord for understanding and revelation...then read the Gospel of Mark then the Book of Ephesians.

Anyway. Coffee is a passion of mine as well as a profession...I am blessed to be able to make a living doing it and blessed to be able to see the glory of God illustrated so beautifuly in He allws us humans to discocer new things be it Latte art, espresso extraction etc....we must realize that these things were already set in place by Him...just waiting for us to discover. Glory to God for His
May we all voluntarily bow before God on this earth. He is truely worthy.
Thats what I mean by perspective.