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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Caffe Art Java rocks Montreal! Posted by Picasa

No apologies

Hello everyone.
I've been keeping busy with a few things....Like what! you might roughly ask...well...
I have been training here at gimme! coffee.
Training a wholesale account in
Did my first Latte art class for Bellissimo's ABC school in Portland thins past June.
I have been gearing up for a High profile gig comming up in Charlotte, NC this September...might get to give Emril some gimme! coffee...I can hear it now.

Our focus at gimme! right now is training up all the stores to be a bunch rock star baristas...we have set up a training area that is also our cupping and espresso lab. This has become my responsability. Scheduling, maintenance, training, cupping. I want to pick up a bar shift here and there as well. I have a full schedule training etc that I went off bar a couple months ago to dedicate more energy to the developement of our training model , both for our Baristas and for wholsale clients...and to get this new crop of Baristas up and going. It's all very exciting because we are really pushing the details in espresso and drink prep. We are, after all, espresso driven. Look for us to be more involved in the Barista events to come.
I am trying to find my rythm as BGA 's North Eastern Chapter Rep. as well

The Latte art Class was great...we had a class that was eager to learn and they really did a great job...Rosettas and hearts all around ...with the right training you can learn it in one's an honor and blessing to be on board with Bellissimo in this capacity...I count them as true friends in this industry...thanks to Matt and Bruce! Their School is gonna blow up the spot!

In September there is an event called Charlotte the end of this month long celebration there is a culinary arts extravaganza and they have a specialty coffee track included in the line up. This year is the fourth year for the event and this year more than any other year they have an incredible line up of celebrity chefs who will preform on a main stage and in demo booths.
This is what we, the coffee people, will be doing...on stage and demo area doing our thang...we have a world Barisat champion, USBC Champion, other coffee professionals...and myself who represents the latte art end of things...figures right? I am very phyched for this and will be practicing like mad. Cause this will probably get CNN, Food Network, etc coverage. Grace Lord.

We picked up a great account in Montreal who I had the privelage of training. Once fro a couple day in Ithaca...and again at there shop in Montreal the week before opening...These Guys are truely professionals and when it comes to espresso and latte art they really stick the landing. They all do latte art, tripple ristretto with our leftist, they just got their bottomless portafilters...and their food is awsome...the chef does a wonderful job. The whole three days I was there we drank practice espresso drinks and practice food...all of which was superb. If your reading guys rock! They are dedicated to excellence.

Lastly...I just sent off a 9 bar article for fresh cup that will be published in September...and distributed at

Ok...really lastly...a thanks and shout out to Chris Tacy for being such a progressive voice for the espresso are not alone in your thoughts ...May we all learn how to enjoy espresso's raw beauty.

Any how...The Lord has truely blessed me this coffee as well as in my personal relationship with Him...I will write more on that later but the Lord is pouring out His Spirit in the U.S. and it is very exciting.
Well...I have to catch the rest of this beautiful day...low humidity, sunny, 80... Thank you Lord.

-Chris Deferio