East Coast Barista

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Are we really making any progress in developing the customers palate for great espresso?
Are customers ordering more espresso oriented drinks or are we just beating or brains out to satisfy only ourselves?
Take SOS shots for example...we have two or so people that order them and that is encouraging but I have to wonder if having it there is more of a way to satisfy our inner gourmet...rather that a practical addition to the menu.
B ut then again it has to start somewhere...we might not get alot of people orderin it but just like the Bible says..."do not despise small beginnings"...
I have been telling our new hires...we are the ones who usher the customer into new realms of understanding via their senses...mostly taste and then their spite of their misgivings and normal ordering disorder. I call it a disorder because the drink they order is usually the result of having to survive bad coffee elsewhere. It is a defense mechanism and is not normal. It's a social disorder that needs to be corrected...with grace, knowledge, patience, and of course....great coffee.
You don't have to try to avoid bad coffee by drowning it with milk and sugar....we'll hold your'll be OOOOOO KAAAAAAAY...
Think of it at first like an assisted living program...where eventually you learn how things really are and how they can be.
Anyway...I suppose it is a phsycological excersise as much as it is a culinary prepare and to sell the consuming public on fine coffee and espresso...
I hope the thrid wave Barista will be common place in the near future.
-Chris Deferio